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Meet Michelle Lake

The Mind

Michelle has been in the wine industry since the age of 22. Director of Operations for a Southern Oregon winery, she created MOVINO to continue to share her passion for Oregon wines.

Michelle’s unwavering passion for wine became the catalyst for the creation of MOVINO, a monthly subscription service that brings the exquisite flavors of Southern Oregon wines right to your doorstep.

Fueled by her deep appreciation for the region's rich winemaking heritage, Michelle set out to share the hidden gems produced by Southern Oregon's vineyards with wine enthusiasts around the world. With MOVINO, she curated an exceptional selection of wines, to ensure a diverse and captivating tasting experience. Through her dedication and expertise, Michelle has succeeded in creating a bridge between wine lovers and the distinctive terroir of Southern Oregon, allowing members to savor the essence of this unique wine region from the comfort of their own homes.

Michelle is a wife to her husband, Tyler and mom to two boys, Carter and Carson.